Random expriments that may or may not work.

DarkNight GitHub

Launch agent that synchronizes dark mode on macOS with the activation of Night Shift, using reverse-engineered APIs from the CoreBrightness and SkyLight frameworks. Also allows for running a script to "complete" the transition for apps that don't use the system appearance API or have not linked with the macOS Mojave SDK.

DetailsViewer GitHub

Originally a macOS Mail plugin (written in Swift, so beware!) to show extra details, but is now approaching a state where it's a dumping ground of random things I wish Mail did. Currently auto-expands the "Details" button in messages (hence the name), and adds tooltips to messages in the list view.

vers GitHub

Prints software version and hardware configuration information in a particular format, taken from a variety of private data sources, for easy pasting into Apple's Bug Reporter.