Random expriments that may or may not work.

Address Finder Website

Quickly locate an address in a list of memory regions.

expresscall Blog Post GitHub

LLVM fork that patches Clang to speculatively inline objc_msgSend calls, making them at least two times faster in most cases. Requires zero source code modifications and is fully compatible with Objective-C's dynamic features.

DerivedDataDeleter GitHub

Xcode Source Editor Extension to delete the DerivedData folder.

Apple Open Source Mirror GitHub

Python scripts that scrape the Apple Open Source website for project tarballs and convert them into Git repositories, with best-effort correlation of project build numbers with OS releases and dates.

DarkNight GitHub

Launch agent that synchronizes dark mode on macOS with the activation of Night Shift, using reverse-engineered APIs from the CoreBrightness and SkyLight frameworks. Also allows for running a script to "complete" the transition for apps that don't use the system appearance API or have not linked with the macOS Mojave SDK.

vers GitHub

Prints software version and hardware configuration information in a particular format, taken from a variety of private data sources, for easy pasting into Apple's Bug Reporter.

Details Viewer GitHub

Originally a macOS Mail plugin (written in Swift, so beware! just run-of-the-mill swizzling concerns now that ABI stability is here) to show extra details, but is now approaching a state where it's a dumping ground of random things I wish Mail did. Currently auto-expands the "Details" button in messages (hence the name), and adds tooltips to messages in the list view.