Lighter on the horrible hacks, for the most part.

elevate GitHub

Small but generic header-only C++11 library that provides useful extensions to the C++ Standard Library, providing templated implementations of common constructs such as comparison operators, primality and parity checking, pretty printing, additional functional algorithms, and polyfills for newer API such as ranges and type traits.

break App Store GitHub

iOS app for students attending schools that use School Loop. Offers a bunch of features over the official app, with the primary one being that it's 100% native Swift, allowing it to take advantage of APIs that aren't available to the Cordova/Ionic/Phonegap official application such as notifications, a watchOS app extension, and support for 3D Touch, SFSafariViewController, and biometric authentication. It also adds some other nice features such as grade calculation and access to the locker.

GenerateAppIcons GitHub

A command line tool to generate app icon sets for the App Store. Supports pretty much any combination of iPhone, iPad, macOS, and Apple Watch icons, including image sizes from older versions of iOS.

Vulcanize App Store

An iMessage application for sending formulas generated in LaTeX through iMessage. Also supports stickers!